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re: High Warlord Naj'entus - BT Boss #1

Shouldn't be all that difficult, make sure going in that you have 9-10k health, 8500 as a minimum is not acceptable. 10k is preferable.

People need to stay spread out as we've been having to do on numerous fights. If Azgalor goes down quickly enough on Saturday as I expect he should, we'll probably head here if we have enough people online.

This macro will help for throwing the spine if you have a crowded inventory. Must be within 20 yards to throw it, which will require you to move forward.


#show Naj'entus Spine
/use Naj'entus Spine

This bosskillers strat does not mention crashing waves as one of his abilities. It is a 20 yard AE he does, so *ALL* ranged need to be >20 yards away from him and >6 yards away from each other or you'll be causing too much strain on healer mana. You only violate those 2 rules to A) loot a spine and B) break shield.

USE BANDAGES...If you're low on health once the bubble goes up use a bandage, if you didnt use a bandage when the bubble was up use one once it pops. Healers are going to be strapped as fuck for mana so help them out and bring a few stacks of bandaids. Healers should bring all kinds of mana consumables to this fight as well.

Boss Killers Strat (just read what goes on not group makeup.)

Raid Setup
Tank : 1
Healers: 7 minimum. Get 8 or even 9 if you're facing mana and survival issues.
DPS : 16-17, depending on your pick of healers. Ranged DPS, as in most TBC encounters, is preferable over melee as melee DPS takes more damage during the fight due to their proximity to each other.

Buffs, Pots and Consumables
Frost Protection Potions are extremely useful in this encounter.

Have your orgues bring Wound Poison.

Use any food or buff you have to boost your HP as much as you can.

Everybody needs to have an absolute minimum of 8,500 HP. 10,000 HP on every single member is highly recommended, and for most raids should be made a requirement.

Frost Aura on Paladins, Frost Resistance Totem on Shamans.

Boss Abilities

HP - 3,600,000
Melee Stregth - 3.5k on plate
Enrage - 8 minutes

Needle Spine - Fires a needle spine at 3 targets, most often in a cone, dealing 2890 to 3910 physical damage to them and an additional 2280 to 2520 frost damage to everyone in 6 yards of them. He uses that ability all the time, except while under the Tidal Shield and about 10 seconds after Tidal Shield bursts.

Impaling Spine - Fires a massive spine, impaling the target, dealing 4513-4987 physical damage and stunning the target. While the target has the Impaling Spine on him, he will be completely immobilised and bleed for 2750 damage each second. This ability is not used on the Main Tank and cannot be removed with immunity abilities.

The spine is a huge coral missile you will see sticking out of the target's chest. When another player runs close to it, they will get the gold cog mouse pointer and will be able to right click on the missile to instantly loot it into their inventory. When the spine is in your inventory, it does not deal any damage or have any effect on you. You can carry up to 5 spines. They can be thrown like a snowball, doing so is the only way of bursting the Tidal Shield.

Tidal Shield - He uses this ability every 60 seconds. While the shield is up, he is immune to all spells and attacks. While the Tidal Shield is up, Naj'entus will regenerate 1% of his health every 2 seconds, though this healing is affected by Wound Poison or Mortal Strike. You need to bring down the shield fast. The only way to do this is by bursting it by throwing an Impaling Spine to him. Upon bursting, the bubble deals 8500 frost damage to everyone. It is resistable and affected by Divine Shield, Iceblock and Cloak of Shadows.


The Pull
Have a hunter use Misdirection to aggro Naj'entus onto the main tank.


As much as possible, everybody needs to stand 6 yards apart to avoid the additional Needle Spine damage.

Melee stand together in 2 "packs" which are 6 yards apart from each other.

Ranged DPS and Healers spread around Naj'entus any way they want as long as they are 6 yards apart from each other.

The Fight
He is tanked in the middle of the room, with the raid spread out around him. The tank should be given at least 10-15 seconds to grab solid aggro. Naj'entus will start throwing Needle Spines at people from the very moment he is pulled.

His first Tidal Shield will come up 60 seconds after the pull, and the second shield will come 60 seconds after the first one is cast and so on, throughout the fight.

At 20 and 40 seconds into the fight after the pull, and every 20 and 40 seconds after the first Tidal Shield, Naj'Entus will throw one Impaling Spine into a random person. People around that person need to stop whatever they're doing and immediately click on the spine from melee range in order to pick it up into their inventory.

Melee DPS need to keep Mortal Strike or Wound Poison up on Naj'entus at all times.

After the 60 second mark is reached, he will use his Tidal Shield ability. During that time he cease all other abilities and will only do melee attacks on the main tank. You must heal up everybody above 8,500 health in a few seconds and then have a person throw the Impaling Spine at Naj'Entus by clicking on it in their inventory. The spine will fly towards Naj'Entus as fast as a snowball or other thrown object and will burst his Tidal Shield, dealing 8,500 damage to everybody in the raid. A good idea is to use your Frost Protection Potions the moment he pops up Tidal Shield.

After the Tidal Shield is down he will continue doing melee attacks on the MT. After 10 seconds he will resume his Needle Spines. After 20 seconds the first Impaling Spine comes, after 40 seconds the 2nd Impaling Spine, and after 60 seconds the next Tidal Shield pops up.

This procedure is simply repeated from 100% to 0%.

Class Comments
Tanks - Get at least 10 seconds and make sure you have solid aggro before DPS begins. They'll be DPSing like mad so you must hold aggro as much as possible.

DPS - Give it your best DPS. The faster he goes down, the less strain on your heals and the more chance you'll kill him before your healers go out of mana. Don't pull aggro from the MT no matter what.

Healers - This is one of the most healing intensive fights in the game. Every 60 seconds the entire raid will take 8,500 damage while in between those 60 seconds, a minimum of 2.5k damage will be flying around all the time. Use Alchemy Stones, Flasks, Mana Pots, Shadow Priests if you have to, but keep everybody above 8,500 before the Tidal Shield bursts; keep people alive and don't go out of mana.
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