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re: Raiding Opportunity

Something I mentioned but just want to make sure I stress.

Those that are interested in raiding with Equilibrium please please please make sure to go over our policies and procedures by reading the threads in the following forum:

I know there is a lot of information there, but for the most part it is pretty straightforward, and should answer a number of your questions and give you some preparation for raiding with Equilibrium.

Regarding required mods, everyone that raids with us is REQUIRED to be running Omen, Deadly Boss Mods, oRA2, and PallyPower if you're a Paladin. We will stop the raid and wait for you to get them if you don't have them installed when you show up, so please be proactive if you aren't already running them and get them before the raids start.

Thanks all, I'm really looking forward to this joint venture.

GM of Equilibrium


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re: Raiding Opportunity

As you know, we’ve been working hard as a guild to get out of SSC and TK farm content and on to more challenging fights. Many of our more experienced players have been at it for months and would very much like to try more of the high-end content before the expansion. We’re going to continue working as a guild to master more fights and push upward, but for those who are thoroughly prepared, there may be some opportunities to raid T6 content, beginning next week.

Many of you remember raiding with Sacrifice, prior to him going back to school. Sacrifice happens to be an alt of Calistohelix, the GM of Equilibrium. Having raided with us for a short time, he has seen that some of our players are ready for T6 content. It also happens that with the expansion coming, Equilibrium, like Fury, has been somewhat short on raiders. So the plan is to team up and kick some ass, in a couple of mutually beneficial ways.

We’re going to try to schedule some co-guild Vashj and Kael runs, probably on Saturdays or some other off night.

Members of Equilibrium will join us when they can to help fill holes in our normal Friday and Sunday raid nights.

Fury members will be given a chance to fill holes in Equilibrium’s Hyjal and Black Temple raids, which occur on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from 9PM to 1AM server time.

Hyjal and Black Temple raids will work like this. Calistohelix has a list of all of our regular raiders. In addition to his experience raiding with us, the Equilibrium officers will armory us, check WWS, maybe ask questions, etc, to determine who is prepared to raid Black Temple. Those who are prepared will get a logon to the Equilibrium website ( and, where they’ll be able to sign up for the raids. Fury officers are not deciding who will go

Hyjal and Black Temple raids will be Equilibrium raids, run by Equilibrium rules. Anyone who goes will be expected to follow those rules, study the hell out of the fights ahead of time, be courteous, show up on time and repaired, and bring the necessary consumables (buff food, potions, flasks).

The point of the these raids will be to experience the content. You will be treated like a normal Equilibrium raider and you may receive loot. But if you’re expecting T6 tokens to be handed out like candy, don’t bother signing up. If you have trouble following directions or accepting criticism, once again, don’t bother. Equilibrium raids are more more hard core than Fury raids. You will be called out if you mess up.

A lot of us have busy schedules and many fun things to do besides WOW. You are definitely not required to sign up for these raids. They are intended to be an optional bonus for those who have worked their asses off for so long.

Obviously, not everyone will be able to attend these raids. Whether it’s determined that you’re not prepared, or whether there just isn’t a slot open for your class and spec, please understand that it’s nothing personal. If you’re not putting out enough dps, or not reacting quickly enough to raid situations, or whatever the reason is for not being ready, all of that can be fixed with time, effort, and a hunger for advice. Fury officers are not deciding who will go, so don't complain to us about it. But please do feel free to ask us or more experienced members within your class what you can do to improve.

By having some of the guild in these fights, it will be beneficial to all of us. It will just make our guild raids that much stronger when we get to this content ourselves. Also, since these raids do not occur on normal Fury raid nights, we'll still be able to do our normal Fury raids at the regular times.

I hope you’re as excited about all this as I am. It should be a damn fun time.
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