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re: Guild Bank Distribution

We used the wowecon addon to tally the value of significant items in the guild bank. Many items were not included and will be left behind for the remaining guild members.

We totalled about 45K gold worth of items in the guild bank, exlcuding crappy stuff. We actually totalled about 46K gold, but we rounded down to account for people who have not yet received their free epic gem.

There is 293,000 EP outstanding, excluding folks who only have their beginning 1-1000 roll.

This totals out to .153 gold worth of items and gold per point of EP.

Since most of the value in the guild bank comes from items, each person will be asked to take at least half of their value in items.

Distribution will begin immediately. Since we need to get through many people, if a person is not online when their turn comes up, we'll move on to the next person and the original person will go when they're on. If we get to the end of the list without someone having logged on, their spot will be forfeited.

Here's the list of who gets how much value in gold and in what order:
Tayghan 2590
Thanatis 2344
Dragkoni 2185
Draenaya 2134
Marcol 2046
Sathyra 1945
Edoran 1942
Dellcia 1901
Ægisa 1724
Avelmili 1664
Eviscera 1636
Avendencre 1484
Rielwyntar 1362
Angellica 1353
Brihd 1346
Gewaltig 1342
Galiant 1335
Testdummy 1328
Xintiss 1294
Durell 1245
Maureen 1147
Gallroth 1139
Valoron 1032
Tinieblas 976
Carp 912
Yunalesca 799
Jinty 694
Foddersbane 596
Evor 506
Kriel 464
Runefang 314
Draffe 271
Darkzoul 264
Feylief 264
Critterpants 241
Zarash 225
Renholdr 219
Reyel 194
Littlepixie 193
Rendel 177
Frostberry 175
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