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re: Keeping in touch

PostPosted: 29 Sep 2008 02:49 pm Post subject: Keeping in touch

From Valoron:

Hey guys just trying to keep up here sence i cant be ingame yet :'(
Saw whats happening any chance there is room for me in there or something? Happy
I am sorry for this big long absence, i know it puts more stress and work on you guys. And quite frankly im getting fed up here -.- as its been like over a month. If its not fixed by this weekend ive decided to buy my own modem and pay for internet ><

But anyway, just give me a reply or something if you all are still checking this website.

Hope yall miss me as much as i miss you guys.


Yes Valoron, there is room to bring you over to EQ. Since you are not playing atm, you can be brought over as a Bystander for now, and then choose to app into the raid group when you can be online regularly again! As one of Furys best healers, you should have no problem joining the raid team. Invites to EQ are suppose to begin later tonight (Monday), sometime after 9pm server time. Log on when you can to move your characters over.

The whole purpose of moving over now is to finish BT before the expansion, and then have a group of competent people to level and raid with in the expansion. Running with EQ these past couple weeks has been a blast! People understand the fights without hours of explanation, there has not been any QQ so far, and the nub-tard factor is less overall. Hopefully we'll see Archemond and Illidan downed soon!

Also, when you can be online again, you have currency to spend in the guild bank! If you are not online to choose stuff soon, we'll send some stuff to you.

Great hearing from you!

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